How do I apply my EF oil?

Essential Faith works best on moist skin, i.e. fresh out of the shower. For those with drier skin, opt for unscented lotion on damp skin before applying to pulse points.

Apply EF oil directly to your forearms ( and rub together ) as well as other “hot spots” i.e. pulse points, such as nape of neck, wrists, behind ears, and inside of elbows. Essential Faith is activated by body heat, and works with each individuals pheromones, creating a unique scent for each person.

How do I store my oil?

Store your oil in a cool place away from direct sunlight, and ideally out of the bathroom, as the heat and humidity from showers and baths could affect the potency and damage the oil.

My oil seems less potent?

This is known as “olfactory fatigue”. This, in essence, basically means that although you may have become accustomed to a scent, others around you will still continue to smell it.  After continued use of any fragrance, your sense of smell will inevitably become acclimated to that scent. As a soft, all-natural oil-based fragrance and works it one's body chemistry to create a different scent on everyone. The scent is most potent when used on the skin, and is harder to detect when smelling from the bottle directly. Apply desired amount and give it a few minutes to develop.

There is, however, a refreshing remedy to this sensual numbness – you can alternate between our Original EF scent, and our newest beautiful scent, AURA. This is our original EF scent blended with intoxicating hints of warm, seductive vanilla. By alternating between these two signature blends, your body is constantly being presented with a new fragrance, decreasing the potential for scent immunity. 

With each individual essence, you will softly be reminded of the unique Essential Faith aroma, without compromising the senses of you and those nearby.
*Note: Any allergies, medications, or changes in hormones may affect the scent as well.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! The following stores carry samples of our scents, and we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if not fully satisfied with your purchase from our website.